Who doesn’t love a great plate of food? Put health into the mix and you get a winner combo!

Being a registered dietitian I have realised a few misperceptions regarding healthy eating as well as the restricted time that is a BIG issue. One common misperception is ‘Healthy eating is too expensive’. Well, when last have you visited the stores? Everything is expensive these days and healthy eating does not mean to buy the most expensive food that one can’t even pronounce. Healthy eating doesn’t refer to one or two food items but rather to the combination as well as the portion of food items.

In my second year of studying I had a brainwave regarding healthy eating and decided that one day I will teach the nation with a healthy lunchbox… and ta-ta-da MyLunchBox is officially open to you, right here in Secunda!

The idea from our side is to create comfort and less time stressing about your next meal (actually, going to the closest fast food store in your 30 minute lunch…). With just one visit to our website and one click you can order 5 meals & snacks for the whole week. There are two portion options available, reason being either you prefer smaller or bigger meals. And then the most delicious snacks…yes, I know there are a lot of contradictions regarding whether snacks are necessary but let’s think about it logically.

You wake up around 06.00 to be at work 07.30, quickly eat breakfast (if any!) and then rush to work. Meeting after meeting and then at 12.00 it’s lunch! You buy something fried and saucy, because you are beyond hungry, at the cafeteria and part of the combo is a soda (of course you drink it, I mean you got it for free!). Before you know it you are at home and starving but don’t have the energy to prepare a balanced meal of rice with mince (because there was no time to buy vegetables after work). Does this sound familiar?

MyLunchBox caters to ensure you receive a balanced meal and part of this balance is to eat every 3 hours as this will decrease the munchies and overeating at meals. Plus you just need to be at your desk to ensure no one else takes your healthy, balanced meal.

On another note, we are trying to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint by using only biodegradable packaging. That means you don`t have to feel guilty to throw away your lunchbox after using it! Unfortunately we haven`t been able to find suitable “green” cutlery, so you will have to use your own.

Please don’t hesitate to give feedback on the meals (its anonymous!) so that I can stay in tune with what your needs are, and then create a healthier version of it.


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